Hello, and welcome to my personal blog!

It’s Filza or VON for you, was born in 1996.

I tend to write ruthless things (smoothly) when I’m happy or simply in a good mood, and self-reflecting post(s) when in an exactly opposite mood.


Simply because I do not want others to suffer like me. The thorn for me may become a flower for others.

Therefore, I’d like to say don’t worry when I write or bring back the Vaughans and their odd-self. They are the fruit of the good mood wrapped in a bundles of thorns, surprises, and heart attack!

Instead, you should have worried, whenever I bring happy-mushy fiction(s) and/or self-reflective post(s) in Candradimuka. Which means I’m currently facing hardship or just overcomed it, shows that I (once again) winning the battle and survived the challenges. But still, you never know, right?

Afterall, Candradimuka is where I keep my prayers, my hopes, so you guys will not feel as miserable and as desperate as me, so you can find the light in my writing, so that you know you did not and never suffering nor fighting alone. Me fighting too, it is just the different phase that separated us. Maybe, I got the hardship first, then comes your turn, or the otherwise.

Nonetheless, Candradimuka is also my cry of help, hidden beneath the words, I ask for help.

I thank every one of you, sincerely, for noticing it and help me to go through it all.

Last but not least, I would kindly suggest you to be a wise reader, for the world’s peace, and take as many as you can (some moral values, maybe, if there is any), and left your grunt behind before closing the tab.

Thank you for your cooperation!



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